Social media buzz: Edward Snowden and immigration bill

Two of the top pieces that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: the person who revealed the National Security Agency's massive data collection and surveillance became a hero to some and a villain to others. Meanwhile, the Senate agreed to start debating a massive immigration reform bill.

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  1. Snowden: a patriot or a traitor?

  2. A 29-year-old high school dropout was the unexpected source behind arguably the most important American leak since the Pentagon Papers. Edward Snowden revealed his identity Sunday to the British news source The Guardian, which originally broke the NSA leak story several days prior.
  3. (Photo: Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras, The Guardian)
  4. Our view: NSA whistle-blower a hero or villain?
  5. Opposing view: Edward Snowden broke the law
  6. Here's what readers had to say inside USA TODAY:
  7. We live in a Constitutional Republic, not a democracy. People need to get it straight. Greece was a democracy, it failed. Rome was a democratic republic, it failed. The US is a Constitutional Republic, we as people must make sure we do not fail. The Constitution is the law. No one, not even the president is above the law. This man is a hero. I would volunteer for his protection detail. "Democracy is two wolves and a sheep voting on dinner. Liberty is a well armed sheep contesting the vote." ~ Benjamin Franklin.
  8. He's a traitor and needs to be judged accordingly. In the Navy, we were taught that loose lips sink ships. Actions of this nature is enough for terrorist to find away around our security. Besides, this type of intelligence has been going on since the Bush administration and 911. As a nation, we have to protect ourselves in any way we can.
  9. Yes. We, the American people, deserved to know about this terribly invasive information gathering.
  10. A stand up guy would still be in this country, facing the consequences for his actions. Instead, he's hiding on foreign shores trying to find a safe haven. He's a person without integrity seeking glory. He proclaims that he's not afraid, that he did nothing wrong. This liar went into this employment planning this. 3 months into the job, & the security breech he committed is the largest in US history? I worked in the intelligence community (while serving in my country's military). I was never asked to agree or disagree with policies made or implemented. Only to honor my word given that I would treat classified data as such. If this liar thinks his actions was just and he's not afraid,, return to OUR SHORES and face up to his government.
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