Pope Francis praised for humility but criticized for age

Roman Catholic cardinals emerged from their conclave Wednesday, electing their new leader, Pope Francis from Argentina. But as the 266th pontiff, Pope Francis is already getting his fair share of admirers and critics.


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  2. A humble and impressive pope

  3. I think he will be a great pope for the church, he lives a humble life and seems to be very kind. I for one am happy with the choice.
  4. This non-Catholic is elated and thinks it is a wise and wonderful choice! Pope Francis seems to be a man of humility, poverty, and grace; seeking to serve God and his fellow man with these traits and with his position. Catholic or Protestant, Christians around the world should keep Pope Francis in their prayers as he seeks to serve God and humanity.
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  6. i hope as he has demonsrated living in a plain apartment in Buenas Aires that he believes in a simple life and sells all property of the Vatican made of gold to help feed poor people.
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  8. Called conservative, some worry 76 makes him too "old school" 
  9. Is electing an older Pope now the Catholics version of term limits?