Social media buzz: Pledge of Allegiance

The common grade school ritual was once again brought into question when a teacher was suspended for forcing a student to participate.


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  4. Many commenters were surprised by the notion that a child shouldn't be forced to pledge their allegiance to a free country. Others thought that sounded like a contradiction 
  5. If you are blessed to be an American citizen...there should be no reason not to participate ...SORRY!! Send their parents back to the country where there is probably is NOT Liberty and Justice for all....
  6. A but the teacher should not have forced someone to say the pledge of allegiance.
  7. Byou should never be forced to do something, it is a mockery of freedom to force others to do something you dont want to do.
  8. D why is our country is the only one that the children would be aloud to refuse would be a better answer
  9. Because we are a nation of laws protected by the First Ammendment.
  10. D: But of course the School's Administration is afraid of lawsuits. Tell the Teacher to use the suspension time looking for a new job.
  11. D- I don't see why anyone wouldn't want to say it, I feel everyone should say it everyday.its a step to bring us all together. We have become a nation of selfish people. We need to get back to the United States of America ....not just America
  12. A and D.If the phrase, "... under GOD," is offensive to any student, they may, IMHO, omit those two words with impunity. Please feel free to replace that phrase with the following, "governed by a just Constitution". The sentence, as ammended here, would read, "One Nation, governed by a Just Constitution, with Liberty and Justice for All".Thank you. GOD Bless You and the United States of America.
  13. It funny how some folks are conservative in their views and believe so much in the first amendment, but other the other hand, they want to force a kid to say the "Pledge of Allegiance!"Double talk....!
  14. That family can relinquish their citizenship and leave to make room for the next family who is eagerly waiting to take the pledge and become citizens.
  15. That's the kind of talk they used to say during McCarthyism and the "Red Scare."
  16. D She is living in America, getting an education in America paid for by American taxpayers, and learning American history and government. The pledge is part of the package. When she is old enough to support herself then she can assert her independence. How arrogant to think we should educate her but she can't participate in our Pledge. That's the attitude Americans were disliked for in other countries yet now we accommodate a child with the same. Ridiculous.
  17. Look here is the fact. The "Pledge of Alleniance" should be mandatory in all schools again. I still don't know why they decided to stop it. As an "American" it means a great deal to me. Our country has gotten way too soft. We as a nation bend over to make sure that no ones feelings get hurt. It is a huge foul that and a shame that someone is suspended for instilling "BASIC" values of the american people. We didn't get to be a great nation be just letting people have their way. Stand up America!The Pledge of Allegience isn't about what God you choose to worship. We were founded on the principal of "Freedom of Religon". I don't care what God or how many Gods you choose to worship.. or even if you believe in God.It's not about that. It's about swearing allegiance to our country. Don't be a tool... If you don't like the Pledge of Allegiance go live in Canada or Mexico... or somewhere else .because Ii can not call you a friend, brother, or a neighbor. You are straight up un American.If you think it's too hard to say the pledge of Allegiance and you can't bare your self to speak the words.. take a good hard look at people everyday that put their life on the line for you!
  18. I had to say the Pledge of Allegiance, but I have been out school for almost 40 years and it didn't hurt me, but time has change so much with so many different religious in school any more I won't push a child to say it. I would write a nice note home to the parents and find out why the child refuse to say the Pledge of Allegiance and take it from there.
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