Social media buzz: Obamacare off to a rocky start

Exchanges have begun on, but it hasn't been all smooth sailing.


  1. Inside USA TODAY
  2. Opponents of Obamacare jumped on this critique from the Editorial Board. It was shared in abundance on Twitter
  3. But defenders were standing strong 
  4. It is frustrating of course, but that's what happens when the system is set up to handle 50,000 at a time and five times that many are applying. I am confident the bugs and glitches will be worked out. The thing that USA Today seems to miss is that there are a huge number of people who really do want affordable health care and are excited at the opportunity to get it and I can guarantee most of them will not be voting Republican in future elections. Karma as they say, is a bitch. Sometimes I think that the USA Today is just a "pretty" National Enquirer. Always focusing on the negative and gossipy aspects of everything. I often wonder why I continue to read it!~
  5. There's a 6-month window til the end of March 2014 for people to sign up and get affordable, quality health insurance coverage in the ACA marketplace. Plenty of time to work out the kinks.
  6. Sebelius championed the government's health care website in the opposing view she wrote
  7. One columnist even called it "clever innovation"
  8. But opponents weren't convinced. This was the reaction on Facebook
  9. This thing will never work, no matter how hard the progressives hope it will. Their computers and phone lines will always be as bad as the IRS, and why not as the IRS is involved in this scandal. Wait until those poor illegal immigrants, low income americans and college students find out that the so-called "cheap" insurance plan that Obama,Pelosi and Sebelius is peddling on them, while may seem cheap on the premium, but just read the fineprint my friends to get the whole truth about your 10,000 dollar deductible as you all should have a lot of fun paying that one. Maybe Obama, Pelosi and Sebelius will loan you the money??
  10. How about a WARNING when you go there, that they are experiencing technical difficulties??!!! How about a little recognition of the issue and consideration for those going there that may think they've lost their minds???!!!
  11. And as usual, entertainment's finest were able to laugh off the chaos 
  12. Outside USA TODAY
  13. Dissent and approval fluctuated on Twitter