Social media buzz: NSA surveillance revealed, and DNA swabs okayed

Two of the top pieces that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: the National Security Agency's massive phone data collection and surveillance. It sparked outrage among our readers. But opinion was divided over a Supreme Court decision that some call invasive.


  1. Fears over misuse of technological database

  2. It started with a leaked document on Wednesday of a classified court order requiring Verizon to turn over a database of all its users' calls. The next day, it was revealed that nine of the most-used websites and Internet companies were being tapped, including Google, Facebook and Apple.
  3. Photo: Paul J. Richards, AFP/Getty Images)
  4. Our view: "Massive secret surveillance betrays American ideals"
  5. Other views: "A critical tool in protecting nation"
  6. Here's what USA TODAY readers had to say:
  7. WHAT PRIVACY?? It's been going on for years.
  8. There should mass, sweeping arrests of all senior IRS and NSA managment today.
  9. At the risk of attracting drones to my apartment complex, this government scares the hell out of me.
  10. Here's what people are saying outside USA TODAY:
  11. Front page article "Obama's spy plan includes Internet"
  12. President Obama tried to clarify misconceptions
  13. Obama: NSA Is Not Listening to Your Phone Calls
  14. Editorial cartoons
  15. Ed Gamble, The Florida Times-Union, King Features Syndicate