Social media buzz: SCOTUS hears gay marriage arguments, and NRA gun-free zones

Hot topics this week: The Supreme Court hears the debate over California's gay marriage ban, and DOMA. The NRA says gun-free zones attract mass killers.


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  6. Children should not be used as sign holding pawns...
  7. Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes
  8. Moe ^ what if 3 men want to get married? Is that acceptable? 2 men 1 women? Where does the line get drawn?
  9. Jeff---The progressives would have us married to our own kin-folk or pets or livestock if they had their way.
  10. Nope.....time for Moderate Conservatives to have a say....or I'm voting Democrat.....The Constitution calls for Equal Opinion
  11. Yes. Marriage is 1 man and 1 woman; anything else is a disease.
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  13. Audio Excerpts of High Court Gay Marriage Case
  14. No. Why is marriage only MF? I've heard arguments from "it's always been that way" - at one point it had "always been that way" that women couldn't vote - to "marriage exists for the purpose of supporting children" - What if 2 hetero's get married and *choose* not to have children, is that marriage "not a marriage"? What if they *can't* have children?. Some conservatives say that allowing MM or FF marriages "diminish" their own marriages. Do you really think you'll love your spouse less because Adam and Steve (or Madam and Eve) get married?
  15. Must separate church & civil thinking
  16. I agree that we need to separate the church way of thinking and the civil way of thinking. The civil marriage is different from the church marriage.The church does not have sole rights to the term marriage. In fact, civil marriage existed before church marriage. However, in the modern world a civil marriage is not differentiated from a church marriage, except in the case of same sex couples.All that is being asked is to allow same sex couples the same benefits and protections under the law as opposite sex couples.To the best of my knowledge, no one is asking the government to force priests to marry a same sex couple.
  17. whatever happened to equal rights for all?
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