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Social media buzz: Flu vaccine, Phil Mickelson and taxes, Obama skeet shooting

Popular topics in Opinion this week: Our editorial debate on whether health professionals should be forced to have flu shots, Phil Mickelson and taxes on the rich, and President Obama skeet shooting.


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  2. Flu shots debate

  3. Should health professionals be required to be vaccinated against the flu? Here's what readers said in the commentary's comments section and on USA TODAY Opinion's Facebook page:
  4. Not only are hospital workers in the high-risk category for contracting the illness, they are the most likely to transmit it to patients in the hospital who may not be able to fight it off or suffer severe complications such as pneumonia. That's exactly what happened to the two innocent children who contracted influenza while in the hospital. The healthcare profession calls for medical community to be accountable and preemptive in protecting patients, their loved ones and themselves. By refusing the influenza vaccine, not only are nurses placing themselves at risk but thry potentially create a dangerous environment for those very people they're working to heal.
  5. I know I'm in a vast minority here, but when an employer (or the government) has a right to demand that an individual (which is what our Constitution protects) must allow something to be injected into their person, then the highest law of the land means nothing.
  6. If we work around patients who are susceptible to influenza and its more serious complications--and as healthcare workers, this is exactly what we do--then yes we should.
  7. I agree. Religious reasons should not be an excuse for putting the lives of your patients in danger. No flu shot, no patient contact. No exceptions.
  8. Flu vaccine gives people a false sense of security immunicompromised people should be protected from even those who get the vaccine still get flu and pass it on
  9. I can't imagine how awful it would be to take a loved one, a parent or worse yet a child, and have them contract influenza and maybe even die because they were exposed from unimmunized staff. Not getting sick from the people who are trying to help you heal is something we should be able to take for granted. Thank you to the hospitals for stepping up and setting mandatory flu immunization for staff as part of the standard of care that their patients can expect when seeking medical care. It's such a simple way to show that a hospital really cares.
  10. Many, many nurses have witnessed a huge increase in flu cases this year after so many have been vaccinated. Why? In addition, we have also seen nurse after nurse get the flu this year after being vaccinated. Why? There has been no decrease in sick days either. Many immunologists/MDs doubt the effectiveness, costs and the overall benefit of annual flu vaccines. Just follow the money-many in Congress have a financial interest in vaccine development. This policy is politics, not good science.
  11. The conversation outside USA TODAY
  12. Phil Mickelson speaks up against high taxes

  13. Phil Mickelson said recently that increased taxes on the wealthy might force him to leave California or make other "drastic changes." Commentary writer Fran Tarkenton argues high taxes hurt job creators and the people:
  14. Here's what readers on Facebook, had to say to USA TODAY Opinion in response to piece:
  15. I like the guy, good golfer, but I can't relate to his problem, wish i had them, but good luck, I personally would move out of Calif. if I had that kind of money and could.
  16. Mickelson is not stupid and Fran Tarkenton is definitely right. Anyone in their right mind would feel the same way.
  17. I think spoke what many wealthy people believe. I read a report last year that they are dropping their US citizenship in droves to avoid the "ask the rich to pay a little more" tax strategy. We should thank Phil for having the courage to speak out.
  18. This is such garbage. While I agree we need to streamline our tax code, blaming high tax rates on the poor economy is absurd. Haven't we been through this over and over and over again over the last decade? Low marginal tax rates don't produce a vibrant economy, and high marginal tax rates don't kill it, i.e. see the 1950s.
  19. The conversation outside of USA TODAY: