Social media buzz: Halloween, NSA spying

A North Dakota woman got some attention for her Halloween stunt. Also, learning our government spies on allies isn't a popular development.


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  2. Happy Halloween, unless you're fat

  3. We asked our Facebook followers this question:
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  5. And the opinions came out faster than the eggs that probably pelted her windows. They were almost entirely negative.
  6. C - Obese kids haves enough to contend with and don't need to be bullied by this heartless witch. I hope that all of the chubby kids band together and pool their resources to stock up on eggs and toilet paper.
  7. B. Must be a democrat because she assumes she knows more than their parents.
  8. BC. If she doesn't want to give out candy, give out apples, raisins, etc. or nothing. But don't take this as an opportunity to preach. We've got enough if that already.
  9. There are other things to give besides candy. Granola bars or popcorn are possiblities. Or as was mentioned above turn off your light.
  10. E . None above !!! Let the kids have a happy hollween nite !!
  11. When you turn on your porch light and a kid knocks on your door expecting candy, you should give him candy. If you are not going to give candy, turn off your porch light and leave the door locked.
  12. Indirect way of bringing attention to herself. She must have a miserable lonely life. The parents already know if their kid is overweight. Don't need miss know it all to tell em so. One night if candy a yr does not make obese.
  13. None of the above. Yes, there is a problem, but it's not her problem. Myob
  14. I don't understand ? Why she has to b the scrooge of halloween ? There are sugarless candies these days , right ? Or why don't she just leave a sign on her poarch so that people will avoid her house . Why go to all the trouble to dissapoint the kids for knocking on the door and getting a letter ?
  15. A...all the way.....the child may be heavy and on the way to being a candy won't help them get there....and parents need to have home parties so they know there child is eating...and being over weight as a child...why is your kid even going to get candy just because the other kids are doing it...tell them no..that's a parents a private citizen....if you don't like her notes instead of treats....go elsewhere.
  16. E - None of the above. Studies have shown that the link between obesity and medical complications is overexaggerated and often nonexistent.
  17. C, with MY emphasis on 'SHE'S VERY RUDE!' and will hurt the kids' feelings/
  18. Her house isn't safe. just wait and see. I bet she gets egged big-time.
  19. Can't we save nutritional shame until January 2nd, when we pick up the rest of them too?
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  21. Commentators on "The Young Turks" called handing out letters "unacceptable behavior."
  22. Solving Obesity By Giving Fat Kids Letters Instead Of Candy On Halloween
  23. Commenters on Twitter were also largely critical of the woman's decision