Social media buzz: Government shutdown

With no deal being reached in Congress, the government began furloughing non-essential federal employees and closing national parks.

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  1. Inside USA TODAY
  2. The first questions on everyone's mind were, "How serious is this going to be?" and "How long will it last?" And it seemed social media was no closer to a consensus than our elected officials. 
  3. Why? Keep paying our military, make sure children don't starve, turn the national parks and museums over to their respective states/districts and kick Congress the hell outta Washington. All of them. They act like they hate each other but I guarantee they are working in unison and not for the greater good! I suppose we have to keep Obama there as a figurehead. Oh well, can't have everything we want!
  4. It's time to end the Republican Party economic and political terrorism against the American people. The moderate Republicans need to get their Tea Party terrorist wing to stop acting like children, fund the government, and move on with the business of the nation.
  5. Disagreements arose over who should bear more of the blame. USA TODAY'S editorial board expressed the view that "Tea Party" Republicans were not being realistic.
  6. This article is right on the money. The Tea Party activists have way too much influence.
  7. None of them are being realistic,,, They need to take a trip to their home districts,,, WITHOUT security and get in contact with their voters.
  8. Speaker Boehner pointed fingers at the president, and vice versa.
  9. Yes. Obama is the executive leader. He is required to lead. The Speaker cannot show up unannounced, nor can can he call a meeting with POTUS. The POTUS must call the meeting. Reagan did it with O'Neill. Clinton did it with Gingrich. Obama has to do it with Boehner. Anyone who doesn't agree with this is biased and blinded or doesn't know leadership 101.
  10. No way! He is trying to hold a ratified law hostage.
  11. He needs to stop drinking. His hallucinations are getting worse.
  12. The Senate shoulders the ultimate blame with their constant barrage of no votes on the budget. However, there is no evidence Obama is working with the Senate. Plus, Obama has stated he would veto the latest bill if the Senate passed it through to him. Therefore, the correct statement should be: Democrats, this is your shutdown.
  13. While some were stressed, others were skeptical. 
  14. And Facebookers were polarized.
  15. It basically means nothing to the average American. That's why Democrats are so disappointed because they want Government to be bigger and more involved in everything in our healthcare for instance.
  16. No. We are all hostages of a bunch of anarchists who have hijacked the Republican Party. They do not want it to reopen. It's very ignorant to think that we don't need an operational government. Of course, there's an epidemic of that in this country.
  17. It's nothing. Keep it closed!
  18. The government shutdown is borderline tyranny brought about by the borderline traitors known as the Pea-brain Party.