Social media buzz: GOP vs. ObamaCare (Round 43)

Sen. Ted Cruz and other congressional Republicans have been fighting day in, day out to defund the healthcare law. And the public (both inside and outside of USA TODAY) have been commenting every step of the way.


  1. Outside USA TODAY

  2. Cruz spoke for 21 hours in his symbolic filibuster.
  3. Ted Cruz This Week: Watch Senator's Speech Against 'Obamacare'
  4. Though some were more enticed by the mysterious man in the bottom left corner.
  5. Naturally, Cruz began trending on Twitter soon after. 
  6. One pundit prayed for Cruz to receive divine protection.
  7. Others were a bit more humanizing.
  8. Inside USA TODAY

  9. Some critics are trying to put the shoe on the other foot.
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  11. Others are more optimistic. Here is our view on the Affordable Care Act:
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  13. This got some quick responses on Facebook:
  14. Does anyone else notice what has started happening with the Left? I am starting to see comments/posts everywhere saying basically "we need to give it 1 or 2 years" we had to pass it without reading it to find out what was in it, Nancy? I guess that it is clear it is horrible law, the mantra is we need to give it a couple of years...then what? Is a decade long enough? How much destruction and entrenchment of bad law do we need to suffer before we are allowed to declare this mess a bad idea?
  15. Great editorial! Your 3 bullet points are right on the money. Those against the ACA are mostly those who have company-paid health insurance. 3/4 of personal bankruptcies are due to the inability to pay medical bills. And in half of those cases, people have insurance, just not good policies.To get people to understand the high cost of health insurance, we need to change tax laws so that they are not deductible expenses for companies and individuals have to count it in their adjusted gross income and pay taxes on it. Then opinions will change.
  16. I think we will see the government taking more of my money
  17. More jokes were made at his expense...