Social media buzz: GOP leader Cantor loses re-election, situation in Iraq deteriorates

Two issues that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: GOP leader Eric Cantor losing his primary in Virginia, and the U.S.’ involvement in the deteriorating state of Iraq.


  1. Should GOP leader Eric Cantor have been re-elected? 

  2. Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP For peo...
    Photo by Manuel Balce Ceneta, AP For peo...
  3. GOP leader Eric Cantor lost his primary election in Virginia's seventh district Tuesday. Tea Party candidate David Brat ousted the seven-term representative by snatching 56% of the votes. 
  4. Our view: Cantor's time in office was filled with party compromises that made effective changes, we hope that his loss does not scare others away from sticking their necks out to get things done. 

  5. What people said inside USA TODAY:

  6. Eric Yoder Now if we could replace all the rest we might get somewhere.
  7. Uncle Willie The people are trying to tell the GOP something...
  8. Ingrid Flores It's all good. Have to keep things balanced! We swing too far one way or another we will implode.
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  10. Because of a threat from more military insurgents, what should the U.S. do for Iraq? 

  11. President Obama Makes a Statement on Iraq
  12. With the United States' unstable foreign policy in the Middle East, as well as the takeover of the second largest city, Mosul, by the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), the situation seems to be getting worse in Iraq. Obama said in a statement at the White House Friday, that even though the U.S. will help out, "it's up to the Iraqis, as a sovereign nation, to solve their problems." Readers, as well as the public, responded with their thoughts on the U.S. potentially re-entering Iraq. 
  13. Our view: The situation in Iraq only worsens and Obama's lackluster policy leaves much to be desired. 
  14. What people said inside USA TODAY:

  15. Here's what people were saying outside USA TODAY: