Social media buzz: Gay school teacher fired, legalizing weed and Jason Collins

This week we asked USA TODAY Opinion readers what they thought of a Catholic school that fired a teacher after finding out the teacher was gay. Readers shared opinions about legalized marijuana, and gay NBA player Jason Collins.


  1. Gay Catholic school teacher fired in Ohio

    Gym teacher Carla Hale, below, was fired from the high school she worked at for more than 19 years. Someone sent an anonymous letter to the school after seeing an obit that revealed that the teacher had a life partner and was gay.
  2. Fired gay teacher will fight for job
  3. 13.5% of voters said: Yes. Catholic schools should uphold their values.
    5.4% of voters said: No. Schools should teach kids to accept everyone.
    78.4% of voters said: No. Sexuality has nothing to do with teaching ability.
    2.7% of voters said: I think it's discriminatory, but Catholic schools can do whatever they want.

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  4. Here's what USA TODAY readers had to say:
  5. Sad. Did they stop to notice whether she was a good teacher? Was her partner supportive of all the long, unpaid hours teachers work? A mother's obit led to a teacher being fired. What kind of religion would do that?
  6. I mean, if you don't uphold the values of Catholics or Christians, you don't have to become one. To me, it's very simple.
  7. A female teacher is a lesbian and somehow that is a fire able offense? Not even close!!
  8. Start over. Let's see. The Catholic Church will let scores of pedophiles get away with unspeakable acts for thousands of years yet fire a woman in a committed relationship because her partner is the same sex. Heinous yet not surprising because the Catholic Church is about the most hypocritical group on the planet. Thank God I'm Episcopal ~ over and out tcl~
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  12. How will legalizing marijuana actually work? 

  13. Beau Kilmer, co-author of "Marijuana Legalization: What Everyone Needs to Know," breaks down what legalizing marijuana will do.
  14. Here's what USA TODAY reader's had to say:
  15. 1.) Keeping legal weed seperate and identifiable from illegal weed. 2.) Increases in public intoxication and DUI arrests. 3.) Increases in lung related ailments (you're still inhaling smoke btw). 4.) Underage consumption. Basically, take all of the problems we have with alcohol and double them.
  16. Legalize marijuana. I don't smoke it, but people are going to get it anyways. Also, they usually are less of problem than dealing with alcoholics.
  17. please look at all the money wasted trying to wage wars on drugs trillions of taxpayers dollars.
  18. Treat marijuana exactly as we did alcohol, after it's prohibition. The model is in place, including prohibition repeal! as for the potency factor, Baccardi 151 Rum is 15 times more potent than beer! People just use less.