Social media buzz: TSA allows pocketknives, and a halt on Bloomberg soda ban

Popular topics in Opinion this week: TSA's new boarding policy that allows passengers to carry pocketknives, and golf clubs onto planes, and a New York judge stops Mayor Michael Bloomberg's ban on large-sized sugary drinks.


  1. New boarding policy allows pocketknives on planes
  2. Our view on TSA'a new policy that allows pocketknives on planes:
  3. Opposing view by Laura Glading President of the Association of Professional Flight Attendants:
  4. Here's what our readers on Facebook had to say to USA TODAY:
  5. Since the government has already got its hand in my pocket, I guess they're worried about sharp objects...
  6. There is not ONE reason to allow a passenger to bring a knife of ANY kind on a comercial airline flight.It screams TROUBLE!!! No Way!
  7. Let's see, they dropped the ban on pocket knives so they could concentrate on more dangerous items. But then they put conditions on the knives - blade length, locking ability, and handle grip shape - that the agents have to hand inspect each knife and measure the blades. How will this save time to concentrate on more dangerous items?
  8. honestly i could care less. if an airplane full of people can't take down a dude with a pocket knife, we got bigger problems than a crashing jet liner.
  9. it's not the weapon, it's whether they are law abiding citizens or not.
  10. As a person who carries a pocket knife (1 1/4" blade) I get annoyed having to either leave the knife home or check a suitcase with it in. I was a stupid rule and should have never been put in place.
  11. Yep. There is no reason to have a pocket knife on a goddamn airplane.
  12. I do not agree. I feel guns belong on planes. We must defend ourselves by any means necessary.
  13. Isn't something like small knives; razors, etc. what literally help start this 21st Century terrorism to begin with?? Hell NO they shouldn't be on planes!! What gives here?? Bob Br.
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