Social media buzz: First lady at the Oscars, and medals for drone ops

Popular topics in Opinion this week: The first lady's moment at the Oscars causes controversy, and cyber warfare is given a medal valued higher than some lawmakers would like.

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  1. Conservative backlash after first lady Michelle Obama appears at Oscars
  2. Michelle Obama's surprise appearance in last week's Oscars has angered some conservatives who describe the show as political propaganda, while also questioning the first lady's priorities.
  3. Fox news commentator Bill O'Rielly calls the first lady's Oscar appearance left-wing "boosterism."  Watch here:
  4. Michelle Obama's Oscar Propaganda 'Hollywood Left Boosterism' - Bill O'Reilly
  5. In response, USA TODAY contributor DeWayne Wickham blasts back at right-wing commentators he calls "haters," for criticizing the first lady.  Read here:
  6. Here's what our readers had to say on Facebook at USA TODAY:
  7. DeWayne criticizes ANYTHING conservatives say. Had Laura Bush done the same thing, HE would be skewering her. I could care less that MO presented the Oscar. I just glad I wasn't awake when it happened.
  8. It doesn't matter what the Obamas do conservatives won't like it.
  9. Seriously doubt this cost taxpayers a dime. Don't see a thing wrong with it.
  10. Don't even get me started, it was tacky tacky but so is Ms. Obama
  11. I love da First Lady...she's hot! So sad ppl find fault in a beautiful act
  12. If we (taxpayers) paid for this appearance, then no she shouldn't have been there. And what was her purpose for being there? She isn't in movies nor should they be in politics.
  13. It's all political sour grapes.
  14. Watch Obama for yourself here:
  15. Michelle Obama and the Oscars 2013
  16. Conversations outside of USA TODAY: