Social media buzz: U.S. plan for Iraq, Supreme Court will hear social media case

Two issues that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: the questions in Iraq continue as extremists move towards Baghdad, the Supreme Court's decision on Monday to hear a case surrounding threats on social media.


  1. What should U.S. involvement be in Iraq as the situation escalates? 

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  3. In a press conference Friday, President Obama spoke to the nation saying that the U.S. will have limited involvement in Iraq and that no combat troops will be sent there. However, Obama had a meeting Wednesday, with a handful of top congressional leaders, to discuss the current situation in Iraq and what role the U.S. should take.  
  4. President Obama Makes a Statement on Iraq
  5. What readers inside USA TODAY said:
  6. Marsha Clark-Moore Until ALL U.S. citizens have enough food, are able to be financially stable, can afford medicines, housing, etc. the U.S. needs to stay out of other folks business and take care of their own.
  7. Sally Schroeder As long as an independent country doesn't attack us, we need to keep our noses out. A communist or Islamic, or any other sect or religious country that keeps their peace should not be our business.
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  9. Should threatening comments made on social media be considered criminal behavior?

  10. The Supreme Court agreed Monday to hear a case to decide when threats on social media cross over into criminal behavior. The case is from 2010 and involves Anthony Elonis who posted on Facebook about killing his wife and others. The court will decided whether Elonis should be charged criminally for posting the remarks to social media or if he is indeed protected under the First Amendment.  
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  12. What readers said inside USA TODAY: