Social media buzz: Immigration reform, Boy Scouts

USA TODAY Opinion readers had much to say about a bipartisan proposal for immigration reform. Eight senators announced a plan, and President Obama supported its principles. Also, news the Boy Scouts of America could lift its ban on gays generated a lot of discussion.


  1. A call for comprehensive immigration reform

  2. "It's not beneficial to our country to have these people hidden in the shadows." - Sen. John McCain

  3. Eight senators, four Democrats and four Republicans (including John McCain), unveiled a plan Monday for immigration reform. It involves a path to citizenship, tougher border security and an improved system to verify legal status of employees. USA TODAY's Editorial Board weighed in on the plan:
  4. Here's what readers on Twitter and Facebook had to say to USA TODAY Opinion: 
  5. Without border security, any immigration deal is fruitless. Secure the borders first, then make a bad deal.
  6. "And at what point would people be allowed to participate in government benefit programs such as food stamps or Medicare? " Only with full citenzship IMO
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  8. I have a better idea - send them all home - they are all criminals and let ones that want to come in legally come in via legal process. Rewarding the lawbreakers is NEVER a good idea.
  9. The conversation outside of USA TODAY:
  10. Boy Scouts of America weighs ending ban on gays

  11. Last July, the organization affirmed its policy prohibiting gays from being Scouts or Scout leaders. However, its national board will reconsider the stance next week.
  12. Here's what readers had to say to USA TODAY Opinion: 
  13. This is ultimately BSA's decision. As an Eagle Scout, I don't believe that the BSA should sway from it's time tested morals and values. If they do, I can live with it. Believe that if someone wants to begin a similar program for those with opposing morals, they have the freedom to do so. The BSA has been under intense pressure from the media and those who claim to be 'diverse.' Reading BSA's proposal, I approve of their giving power to individual troops to make their own decisions about this should they want to remove the 'ban!'
  14. The BSA is a PRIVATE organization in this FREEDOM loving United States. If someone/anyone disagrees with what they stand for then they have the FREEDOM to go somewhere else. It's no different than hearing a radio station or watching a TV show that is not liked. In America, we do have the FREEDOM to choose but not the RIGHT or MANDATE to change a private organization.
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  16. Gays have been in this world since the beginning of time...get use to it. Love not hate
  17. Institutions like the BSA alike see the growing and changing tide of the LGBT and individual liberty demographic over the dying breed of the fringe fundamentalists and reactionaries. For the long-term success of any organization, it must be able to reach gay and lesbian Americans and the millions of Americans who are related to and respect them. It's an issue of freedom for many!