Social media buzz: arms to Syrian rebels and Arizona voter registration law overturned

Two pieces that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: fears that President Obama agreeing to provide weapons to the protesters in Syria could be turned against us and the Supreme Court overturning Arizona's push to provide proof of citizenship to vote.

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  1. Arms to Syrian rebels: helping democracy or backfiring on America?

  2. The Syrian civil war has been going on since March 2011, with an estimated 93,000 killed. Last year, President Obama had stated that the U.S. would get involved only if Bashar Assad used chemical weapons. Last week, the U.S. confirmed that this "red line" had been crossed and authorized weapons delivery to rebel forces.
  3. President Bashar Assad during an interview broadcast on Al-Manar Television on May 30. (Photo: Al-Manar Television via AP video)
  4. Our view: U.S. intervention in Syria nears, without a clear strategy
  5. Other views: The time has come for decisive action
  6. Here's what readers had to say to USA TODAY:
  7. I have an idea. Why don't we collect all the AR-15s and AK-47s etc., buy up all that type weapon on the market, and send the whole mess to the Syrians. It would help us and help someone over there.
  8. Syrian rebels have committed acts of cannibalism, they should be charged with war crimes along with anyone that aids them.
  9. Of course it will. We should not be involved, not militarily, not with arms or other equipment, not monetarily, not with advisors, not at all! If those people want to kill each other, let them. They've been doing it for thousands of years and will never stop. So let them kill each other. It's that many less we have to worry about.
  10. There was much feedback on the USA TODAY front page article "U.S. to help arm Syrian rebels"
  11. Deja vu. Welcome to a new Iraq! Are we going to "establish" a democracy there? Look at Iraq right now. A lot of good we did over there.
  12. will he get another peace prize, after doubling the number of wars US being involved in?
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