Social media buzz: a fatal plane crash and political comebacks after sex scandals

Two issues that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week involved an airline disaster out of San Francisco, and former New York governor Eliot Spitzer's attempted return to politics.


  1. Could the Asiana Airlines disaster have been avoided?

  2. Two teenagers died and more than 160 passengers were injured after Asiana Flight 214 from Seoul crashed in San Francisco. It was the first fatal crash of a commercial airline in the U.S. since February 2009.
  3. (Photo: John Green, Bay Area News Group via AP)
  4. USA TODAY's Editorial Board wrote "Saturday's Asiana Airlines crash in San Francisco was less a cautionary tale of how risky air travel is than a reminder of how rare — and survivable — such accidents have become." Other views came from CNN, Daily Beast, Ask the Pilot, and more:
  5. Do you still feel safe flying? Here's what USA TODAY readers had to say:
  6. You will always have human error, not that we shouldn't try to minimize it
  7. It's sad that it happened. But rookies in every field go through the same "first time" experience: doctors, police, soldiers, and every pilot who has ever flown.
  8. One thing to do is not let a pilot new to a plane make his first landing in it with 300 people aboard!
  9. There was also much feedback on the USA TODAY front page article Two dead, 168 hurt in San Francisco air crash
  10. Here's what people were saying outside USA TODAY:
  11. Video of the crash:
  12. San Francisco Plane Crash Moment of impact | Asiana Airlines Crash | HQ
  13. Audio of the a 911 call
  14. Asiana Passengers Called 911, Begged for Help