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Social media buzz: IRS targets conservatives, and Clinton blamed for Benghazi

The Internal Revenue Service is in the hot seat after admittedly targeting right-wing organizations, and the GOP attempts to pin the Benghazi attacks on Hillary Clinton.


  1. Has the IRS gone too far?

  2. Recent disclosures show that conservative groups were singled-out by the IRS with extra scrutiny for seeking non-profit status. The IRS recognizes they are at fault saying "We should have done a better job."
  3. Our View
  4. The IRS says "mistakes won't be repeated." Read here:
  5. Here's what readers said to USA TODAY:
  6. It's time to end the IRS; they're not even a legal organization. They're thieves and it's time businesses and Americans stop paying the taxes the IRS want.
  7. these Tea Party orgs are not operating to promote social welfare according to the 501.4C tax code for these orgs to apply for tax exempt status. I'm all for the IRS asking these thousands of orgs being set up across the country in that the main party platform of the Tea Party is to either decrease or eliminate taxes.
  8. the IRS should be unleashed nationwide to make sure that these alleged "non-profits" are complying with the law. on the Left and the Right, people are doing everything they can to get an advantage, and we all know some organizations are skirting, bending and even breaking laws when they can. the IRS is supposed to be policing this kind of thing. let's have them go do it, but not just for one group because someone has a bias. audit them all. better for us if they do.
  9. President Obama called the IRS targeting of conservative groups "Outrageous." Watch here:
  10. President Obama Calls IRS Targeting of Conservative, Tea Party Groups 'Outrageous'
  11. Move to a flat tax and get rid of the bureaucracy that is the IRS. Remember, this is the group that will be in charge of a lot of Obamacare. What type of shenanigans will they be capable of when they are administering penalties on those that do not purchase health insurance?
  12. The IRS is one agency that has access to nearly everything about you yearly. Add in the fact that they will soon be able to know if you have health insurance or not and you have the makings of an out of control bureaucratic mess. It will not get better.
  13. As always, the only ones who give a flying rats ass are the media outlets like yourselves ~ You guys are determined to empower Congress to be nothing but a glorified detective agency and of course ignore the real issues that they have no clue how to fix like hunger and poverty and jobs and crime et all. You must be so proud~
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  20. Benghazi, is it her fault?