Social media buzz: Border crisis, gun violence

Two issues that got USA TODAY Opinion readers talking this week: the continuing humantarian crisis at the border, the need to curb gun violence, especially in major cities.


  1. What should be done to address the crisis at the border? 

  2. Michael Chow, AP/The Arizona Republic
  3. President Obama has been working to find a solution for the humanitarian crisis. He asked Congress for $3.7 billion for new detention centers and more judges and legal officers to expedite the deportation process. He also went to visit Texas Gov. Rick Perry on Wednesday to discuss the border crisis, which involves thousands of undocumented children.
  4. Our view:
  5. Opposing view from Texas Gov. Rick Perry:
  6. What people are saying inside USA TODAY:
  7. These children are in danger. As decent human beings we need to care for them
  8. I'm sorry if they came into the country illegally why are they allowed a hearing that is costing tax payers multi-millions of dollars!!?! There shouldn't even be a hearing when you come in illegally!! I am amazed that we immigrate here legally spending thousands of dollars to our own government and to American government to be allowed to make a life in this country. But, illegals come in, pay nothing, and get free court options, free healthcare, free everything all at the expense of citizens and legal immigrants!!? Does that really sound right? Because if it sounds right, then I would like my thousands handed back to me in cash!! Only seems logical.
  9. What people are saying outside USA TODAY:
  10. What should be done to curb gun violence? 

  11. Damian Dovarganes, AP
  12. Over Fourth of July weekend, 14 people were shot and killed in the city of Chicago. Eighty-two people were shot in an 84-hour window, according to the Chicago Tribune
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