Social media buzz: Keystone pipeline, and teachers with guns

Popular topics in Opinion this week: Our editorial debate on the Keystone pipeline, and a republican senator says no to giving teachers guns.


  1. The Keystone Pipeline, to build or not to build

  2. The Obama administration is coming close to a deal on the $7 billion project and the president is getting a lot of pressure from environmentalists who think the pipeline could unlock dirty oil.
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    Protesters have rallied in D.C. previously in favor of shutting down the Keystone pipeline.  
  4. Our view on the Keystone Pipeline:
  5. Opposing view on Keystone by Bill McKibben:
  6. Here's what readers on Twitter and Facebook had to say to USA TODAY Opinion:
  7. Everything I have read about this pipeline says that the transported oil will NOT stay in the U.S. It will cross the U.S. to get to Gulf coast ports to be shipped to other countries. So the pipeline will NOT mean more oil for us and will do NOTHING to reduce gas prices. The oil will not even be refined here since all of our refineries are running at capacity and there are no plans to build more.
  8. well, considering (based on everything that i've read) that the Keystone pipeline will send Canadian oil to Gulf of Mexico refineries and then exported to other countries, it doesn't sound like a smart move to me.
  9. Head-in-the-sand non-scientists using non-scientific arguments without any clue. Thats why they want to call it "Settled Science", because they can't understand, or argue the facts (maybe they have other agendas they don't want to devulge). It is folly to lend any weight to their non- scientific arguments.. Why did they have to stop calling it Global Warming? Because there has been no data to support that argument. They have even abandoned the classic 'cause and effect' argument that generally accompanies scientific theory. WHAT A SHAM!
  10. I can disagree with many things in this editorial, other than the conclusion. I agree ... build it, now that it has been rerouted. It won't do much, other than supply a few short-term jobs, and a touch more oil. But the irony is that US gas prices are going up now because refineries are cutting back. What will they do with even MORE oil that requires even more processing? Anybody got a solution?
  11. Had to read the head line 3 times and make sure that it was USA Today giving approval of this pipe line. Totally agree, will place more oil on the market, will give high paying US jobs to build and sustain it and COAL, not oil is the major polluter. The US is a gold mine when it comes to energy, we just need to tap into it.
  12. How did all these people get to the demonstration, electric cars, planes, or buses, or maybe magic carpet. Harvesting our natural resources responsibly is the key, rather than not doing it at all. That said, We will not reap as large a benefit as will the producers, but that's not news.
  13. In a demonstration last week, Sierra Club members and movie star Daryl Hannah were arrested with others outside of the White House.  Take a look at the clip:
  14. Environmentalists Protest Keystone Pipeline In Front Of White House
  15. Conversation outside of USA TODAY:
  16. Leave the tar under the ground. Get moving on energy that does not damage our world. We are being beaten to it by Asia and Europe.