On social media: Opinion readers respond to President Obama's support of gay marriage

President Obama's decision to support gay marriage has sparked contentious national debate. USA TODAY's Opinion readers responded in large numbers on Facebook. Here's what they had to say:


  1. The poll question "What do you think of Pres. Obama saying today that same-sex marriage should be legal?" garnered 82 responses with the number who supported Obama's statement (28 votes) and those who were against it (24 votes) almost tied. The third highest votes went to those who thought Obama was inconsistent in his stance and came out for gay marriage simply to get re-elected. 
  2. Related to our editorial "Obama's gay-marriage evolution mirrors nation's," we asked "As support for gay marriage grows, do you think President Obama's position on the topic reflects the pulse of the country?" A few of the responses: 
  3. I don't believe any President has as much influence as the media and his party would have us believe. That said, he did a good thing by saying he supports it, if only because it started a conversation. I was pleased to see many many supportive comments on the topic in my overly bigoted area of the country, so I know there's hope!
  4. Why not let them be married? Then they can be as miserable as the rest of us ;)
  5. Seriously, folks? Let's not confuse a personal faith issue with a civil rights issue. I believe in both God and country and recognizing gay marriage doesn't interfere with MY faith, it, in fact affirms my belief in a loving God. Churches and denominations can choose what they will recognize and you can choose to attend gay weddings or to associate with gay couples, or not. What's the big deal? My marriage is unscathed. Unfortunately, there is politics involved, but, unltimately, Obama has come down on the right side of history. Hooray!
  6. Not if you are a Christian. All it reflects for me is the downfall of our great Christian Nation.
  7. Thirty-two states have passed laws or constitutional amendments defining marriage as a a traditional one man-one woman relationship. So... uh.... no.
  8. Response to the opposing view "You can't redefine marriage,"
  9. The argument against gay marriage is ignorant and doesn't make sense. Marriage isnt about religion anymore. Its about law and the perks that you get from being married. You don't even need a pastor or a priest to get married. You can go to town hall and pay some one to marry you.
  10. I find it ridiculous that no one is asking how God feels on this issue. The topic of homosexuality is in the Bible. Try reading it and you will find that it is a sin. The Bible also states that Man shall leave his Mother and Father and be join to Woman. God is the highest authority. Higher than the U.S. Supreme Court, President and Congress. Have a good day and may God bless each and every one of you.
  11. Click the link below for video of the president's announcement:
  12. Here's the nation's conversation outside of USA TODAY on President Obama's announcement in support of gay marriage: