Social media buzz: No more guns in Starbucks

At least, their CEO has asked customers with firearms to leave them at home. Responses on social media were fast and frequent.


  1. USA TODAY posted this column on Thursday concerning the CEO's decision. 
  2. Column: Starbucks CEO not doing customers any ...
    Column: Starbucks CEO not doing customers any ...
  3. Starbucks CEO Howard Shultz simply called it a "request"  because "a ban would potentially require our partners to confront armed customers, and that is not a role I am comfortable asking Starbucks partners to take on."
  4. What people said to USA TODAY: 
  5. Dan Rau "tens of thousands of defensive gun uses a year" I challenge him to provide EVEN ONE TENTH that number of documented cases of legal defensive gun use stopping a crime this year. Not hyperbole, but real cases where someone pulled a gun (not a cop or security guard) and stopped a robbery or assault in a business this year. "right to bear arms", yes of course. the right of a business owner to not want them in his business? double true
  6. his editoial did not ban guns it merely asks for customers not to open carry..i am not offended or intimidated by persons who open carry,however i am not a fan of it & choose to keep mine concealed..the reason,i dont want a potential robber to see me as a threat & take me out first!
  7. Readers' opinions were mixed.
  8. And not surprisingly, the same was true on social media.
  9. Outside of USA TODAY:
  10. While some took the coffee chain's decision seriously, others made light of it.