Most popular this week on social media: Romney and the 47%

We asked our readers on Facebook whether presidential candidate Mitt Romney's comments about the 47% were clueless or spot on. Here's what readers, who responded to our letters package on the same subject, had to say:


  1. This man seems to know how to put his foot in his mouth. This time it was both feet.
  2. I have heard this all the way through, including the 2 minutes the liberal media edited out, he simply spoke the truth. The TRUTH hurts, and the other truth is no one in this country can stomach the truth. And what about Obama's statement about how the Muslims need to protect Americans on the Letterman Show last night. Obama is weaker than Carter. If I were President I promise you this, Egypt would be total ruins tonight.
  3. Most Republicans I know who are going to vote for Romney are experts at how to milk the system for every penny they can wring out of the government, while avoiding paying any taxes they can.
  4. Spot on. Anyone that denies it, is lying to themselves or dumb as a brick or is one of the 'government-fundees". Romney's number might be a little high, but still true.
  5. The 47% of Americans who pay no federal income tax are not all Democratic, welfare dependent freeloading tax scofflaws, as Mitt Romney believes. They are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, with good jobs, who legally use the humungous federal tax code to pay zero federal income taxes. I would think that Romney would understand. It’s the same tax code he uses to pay only 14% in federal taxes on his multimillion dollar yearly income.
  6. What people are saying outside of USA TODAY: