Most popular on social media: Penn State penalties and reaction

The NCAA handed down an unprecedented list of penalties to Penn State this week, including a $60 million fine, four-year ban from bowls, loss of scholarships and vacating more than 100 wins.


  1. A statue of former Nittany Lions Head Coach Joe Paterno, above, was removed last week following deliberations by the university's administration. Paterno lost his spot atop the all-time wins list for collegiate coaches after the NCAA took away more than 100 wins. By Christopher Weddle, AP
  2. The trial of Jerry Sandusky, investigation of Penn State by former FBI Director Louis Freeh and subsequent penalties imposed by the NCAA have dominated sports headlines for the past two weeks. Here is what USA TODAY Opinion readers had to say on Facebook about Perry's decision in response to our view, "Editorial: Can NCAA really change football-first culture," and the opposing view written by Geoffrey Rapp "Penn State deserved 'death penalty'".
  3. no, fire, and prosecute any and all involved within the coaching staff and administrative dept that had any part in the obvious COVER UP of Sanduskies evil actions!
  4. Not as long as big money is involved. This country worships money and then it worships football.
  5. Very LITTLE football culture !!!!!!!!!!
  6. This highly contentious issue also spurned plenty of reactions outside of USA TODAY: