Best 'GameDay' signs for Week 11

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  1. 1. 'I WOKE UP FOR THIS?'
  2. This sign, from, basically sums up how we're all feeling on a sub-par week for signs.
  3. 2. 'Our troopers never go on Upset Alert'
  4. Well said.
  5. 3. 'Enlisted Sailor, Proud Nole'
  6. Not especially clever, but a strong sentiment for Veteran's Day.
  7. 4. 'USA: Back to Back World War Champs!!!'
  8. USA - Back to back World War Champs #Gameday
  9. Yes, we are.
  10. 5. 'Jeff Tedford Wears Chip Kelly Pajamas'
  11. 6. 'Lee, mom sez you're my dad!'
  12. Lee Corso's cult hero status knows no limits.