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Bosoncea Constantin

Richard Santos

I help small business owners to get an effective web presence and use the power of social media to promote their business websites.

Dr. Joy Balls-Berry

Follower of God, wife to Bernard, daughter of James & Joyce, lover of life, and community engaged researcher. Tweets ALL Mine not my Jobs


Activist Intl

just another human ...on a journey

Jakob Willer

Director - Telecommunications Industry Association Denmark

Steven Shaw

Spanish/German high school teacher. Ed tech enthusiast. Ed reformer. Teacher for Transformation working with @MOStudentsFirst


Celena Price

Online producer/editor for the Spartanburg Herald-Journal.

Big Time Entertainment Limited

We are an Entertainment Agency in the United Kingdom supplying all types of Circus Entertainers, Children's Entertainers, Cabaret Entertainers, Bands and Singers etc

Serrurier Ile de F



#Daesh #ISIS has stranglehold on the Media. My focus frontline local journalists. #Education of cultures & #counterinsurgency #COIN #Syria #Kobane #TwitterKurds


Pro-GamerGate, Pro-Pineapple on Pizza, Also, I'm a Pop Culture Critic! (Please point out my bio to make you feel happy about yourself.) RIP Monty Oum 1981-2015