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Joe Hegyi 3rd

Whovian, fan of history and sci-fi, secular humanist, and atheist.


People, Planet, Profits – Sustainable Marketing

Israa Eddeb

i$$y ❤️ الديب

Laura Christina Brache

Natalie Ellis


Chez Williams

story-shooter / story-writer / story-editor / story-teller / story-sharer \\ #MCO435 = ASU Mass Comm Class

Line Pitch

News submissions International news network, where people, writers, authors and artists submit original news articles, audio podcasts, videos and photos.

Adialuc Rodríguez

I'♏ drinking composer with a music and painting problem.

Studying journalism. Born unready into illusions of readiness. Opinions are my own.


dream holidays

Madeira PR

Advocacy focused public relations agency specializing in public health, environmental protection, policy & corporate philanthropy.

Molly Hiller

UofA | AD/PR | Student Reporter | WPS