Irina Stancu

Briana Maxwell

Breezey Bree! University of Florida.

SEIU Local 2015

The largest home care & nursing home workers local in the US, we give care to low income seniors, the disabled & others. We fight for social & economic justice.

Joanne Fischetti

Communicator. Mom. Wife. Educator. Views expressed are my own.

Kistent Tse

Hailey Hernandez

IU Media School '17 | @InsideTheHall and @AssemblyCall | VP of @AWSMatIU | @HoosierFootball Video Crew | @IUDM Public Relations Committee

Maaria Sabzwari

Aspiring Broadcast Journalist at UNT ! 💪


Aspiring broadcast journalist and dancer at UNT. Allhumdulilah🙏🏽 🇵🇰


Microbiologist by profession, photographer by Hobby. Online computer player Bullet66

Adonis Dees

@Cronkite_ASU sports journalism student at Arizona State University. Former opinions columnist for @statepress

Megan Ray Nichols

Freelance Writer. Amateur Astronomer. Science enthusiast (check out my blog!) I love to travel. Bookworm.

Cynthia D. Maldonado Pérez

Our liberty depends on the freedom of the press, and that cannot be limited without being lost. - Thomas Jefferson #SportsJournalist #Feminist #GoSpursGo #IUPUI

Orlando Manzo

Cody Fitzpatrick

Music Journalist: @theroguemag, @FAULTMagazine — Sportswriter: @azdesertswarm