brian geza

Karolina Argote

Research Associate at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)


Development & Cooperation - EuropeAid is the European Commission's Directorate-General in charge of designing EU development policies & delivering aid worldwide

Land Coalition ALC

International Land Coalition (ILC) - Alianza global de OSC y OIG que trabaja para promover acceso seguro y control de la tierra para mujeres y hombres pobres


Click the website link below to Vote for #Botswana Vote For Eunice Ntobedzi to Pitch her #MobileTech 4 Development at the Global Innovation Summit #GISTTechI

Deissy MB

ed bice

proximity, globalization, and the war on imagination - the opinions and ideas herein r my own

Robin Leigh Opsahl

Northwestern 2018 - @medillschool Politics, Chicago Activism, Folk Punk


I read, see and learn stuff that must be shared: good music, international economics, human rights, great books, interesting people and foreign affairs. All toghether now!


Research facility at Arizona State University working to improve health, protect lives and sustain our planet.


Victoria International Leadership Programme (VILP) - NZ's only tertiary GLOBAL leadership programme - 'Inspiring Students to Think and Act Globally'.


#FatumasVoice is an interactive forum that Expresses Hope through Art, Poetry & Music ~ Building an Africa that can speak for herself... #NikoNaMentor


ClimateWednesday is a voice and a weekly tweet conversation on CC, Env, SD & related matters aim at building a climate smart generation in Africa.


Empowering and inspiring communities to transform themselves through promotion of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Ingrid Wilgen

Student Journalist @ Texas A&M University, San Antonio