London Summit on Family Planning

On July 11, World Population Day, the U.K. Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation hosted the groundbreaking London Summit on Family Planning to provide an additional 120 million women in the world’s poorest countries with lifesaving contraceptives, information, and services by 2020.


  1. As the largest bilateral donor to family planning programs worldwide, the United States supports and will help achieve the summit’s commitment to provide an additional 120 million women with access to family planning.
  2. Administrator Shah discusses the U.S. commitments and moderates the donor panel at the London Summit on Family Planning.
  3. Interactive Timeline: Chart the course of USAID's more than 45 years of work in family planning through this interactive timeline, marking some major milestones.
  4. Innovation: What does it take to get a condom to a health facility in Bangladesh? USAID currently runs the largest and most effective global supply chain system in family planning commodities. But USAID will commit to work closely with our private sector partners and country governments to drive even greater efficiencies so we can avoid stock-outs and reach particularly vulnerable women in rural and urban settings.
  5. Partnership: USAID is building on our legacy of research and development to create a new generation of contraceptive methods that are easier to provide, easier to use, and more affordable. We're partnering with DFID, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and others to expand access to the popular “depo-in-uniject” contraceptive in five to six countries.
  6. Expert Chat: Following the Summit, we discussed our family planning programs in an #FPChat on Twitter. 
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  8. Slideshow: Check out our slideshow to learn about new contraceptive technologies.
  9. Results: Over the next eight years, USAID's work to support more than 84 million women annually across 42 countries will provide for 675 million user-years of coverage. This is in addition to all the extraordinary commitments made at the London Summit. But combining our efforts, our support will ensure that, in 2020, 380 million women in the poorest countries of the world will have the power to determine the size of their families.
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  11. Success: USAID educates women, families, and community and religious leaders on the importance of birth spacing. Read "24 Months for Pakistan's Health" to learn how family planning could save the lives of 1.6 million children annually.  
  12. Video: Family planning saves lives, empowers women and improves health.
  13. Where's the Controversy in Saving Lives?