Celebrating International Cochlear Implant Day

February 25th is International Cochlear Implant Day where we will be celebrating the technology which can provide sound to those who are severely to profoundly deaf. Please join in the conversation using the hashtags #CochlearImplantDay and #CelebrateCochlear and follow us @UoS_AIS


  1. Making a noise about Cochlear Implants!

  2. We encouraged cochlear implant users to tweet their favourite thing about their implant and the sounds they enjoy hearing the most. We have also pulled together some quotes from patient testimonies on our website.
  3. Unfortunately a lot of people who could benefit from an implant are often failing to be referred. According to independent charity The Ear Foundation, only 5% of adults who could benefit from a cochlear implant receive one.
  4. Implants can be life changing - so on February 25th let's make a noise for cochlear implant day and help to raise awareness.
  5. "It is far above my previous expectations and I am able to hear things not heard for many years. The special test for me was to hear my grandsons (aged now six and three) speaking- for the first time!" - Marion
  6. “On the drive home after the switch-on I could hear indicators and police sirens: all those noises I’d forgotten. It was magical. I hear clocks ticking, birds singing and so many other things I had forgotten about. I can go out with my friends, hold conversations and hear music when I am dancing,” - Barbara Day
  7. Hear the interview with Steve Harris on BBC Radio Solent below:
  8. "As a child-minder I work with children everyday and whilst I could hear with the hearing aids I had pre-implant, the quality of the sounds after the implant was such an amazing difference. Being able to hear them in a different way is very rewarding and even hearing them make sounds of dinosaurs roaring and the delight of hearing them screaming and laughing when they play is an absolute joy" - Jo
  9. Visit our patient stories section of our website below to discover how cochlear implants have changed the lives of so many of our patients and their families...