vikas chavan

engineering student

Livi De Santos

Digital Communications Officer at International Medical Corps UK. Tweets reflect my own views.


Human Rights Defender …


Demanding Rights, Resources and Results for Women Worldwide.

Defenders Protection

D.P.I aims at promoting and protecting human rights by strengthening the capacity of HRDs to mainstream security and protection management in their work.

Julia Salazar

student & research assistant at @ColumbiaSIPA. Tweets on #Palestine, #Israel, & everything else. | gmail: julia.carmela.salazar

The Any1Can Project

The Any1Can Project is an arts-based service learning initiative that uses a framework of seven global issues to empower youth and engage communities.

Iriarte & Asociados

Por un Perú Digital, real, inclusivo, incluyente, participativo, democrático, verde y enfocado en el desarrollo.

Fayomi Edna-Stella

#Young, Member of US Ambassador's Youth Council Benin, Girls and Women Empowerment Co-Founder Young Pioneers for Development #Entrepreneurship #Leadership

Gigi Nikpour

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Disabled World

Official Site - Worldwide Disability News and Information. Disability/Health/Medical News & Event Submissions Welcome #Disability #Disabled #Disabilities


When a prospect contacts you online, they don’t want a response tomorrow; they want one today. Actually, they want it in 60 seconds or less. To have any shot at connecting and converting a lead, you have to be fast -- really fast. Why? Because the odds of speaking with a lead if you call back within one minute increase 500%. However, most web inquiries aren’t responded to promptly, if at all.

Katherine M. Coleman

SUNY Purchase Journalism student, freelance writer

Alessandro Prandi

Classe 1964, albese. Dal 2003 è direttore di Idea Solidale, Centro Servizi Volontariato di Torino.

WorldVision Advocacy

God calls us to use our voices to amplify those of the poor and marginalized. Join @WorldVisionUSA's Advocate Network to seek justice for the world's children.