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Join us to mark the first year of our collective efforts to promote human rights through social media. You may find your responses and shares here. It has been a year since the UN Human Rights office first dived into social media. We have learned so much along the way. Thank you for your support!

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  1. The road is long and a lot more needs to be done. Help spread the word, engage your friends to join the global human rights movement so that more people know, demand and defend human rights! This story is for you: _____________________ The team of Japan shows a banner "To our friends around the world. Thank you for your support" in Frankfurt Main, Germany, 13 July 2011.Credit: EPA/ROLAND HOLSCHNEIDER
  2. Happy birthday! ~ here's to another year of increased support and success.
  3. April 29 is the first birthday of the United Nations Human Rights Facebook page. We've put together this story to thank you. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Share our work with your friends and ask them to join us on Facebook Twitter  & Google+

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  7. Absolutely. We advocate against human-trafficking .
  8. I can't believe i'm only the second to comment. More people need to see this! This is such an important thing to learn! it should be presented in schools and make children aware! everyone should watch the documentary called :Human Trafficking. It aired on many huge tv channels like CBC, ABC, NBC and many others . People need to start caring!! I would like to help, but I feel there is nothing i can do besides start a stop the traffick club at school, as im only a young girl myself hillysee 1 year ago 29
  9. Declárate, yo me declaro
  10. Thank you for your feedback. Now the video's substitles are also available in Russian and German. Please click on "cc" and select the language you prefer.
  11. Crimes against humanity 'highly likely' in Syria
  12. What is a human right?
  13. We Are All Born Free & Equal
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  15. 'I learned to speak out because lives are at stake'.  Historic moment at the UN, and high time. SutherlandZoe 1 month ago 99
  16. Aung San Suu Kyi on arbitrary detention
  17. Thank you for joining us in our social media campaigns, such as Celebrate Human Rights, Let's Fight Racism, and Speak up for Human Rights in Rio+20:

  18. Human Rights day is not just an anniversary but a call to all actors to contribute to concrete improvement of human beings daly life
  19. Celebrate successes & keep up the fight for peace and justice for all people!
  20. Human Rights Day 2011
  21. Happy Human Rights Day UN ! ... U r an inspiration. Thank You !
  22. ‎"Nations will rise and fall, but equality remains the ideal. The universal aim is to achieve respect for the entire human race, not just for the dominant few." -Carlos P. Romulo
  23. Happy International Human Rights Day, everyone! No matter who you are, take a moment today to reflect on those who have fought and are still fighting for your rights across the globe. Also, don't ever doubt the power of the individual. Take a stand against discrimination and violations of human rights of any kind in your local community!
  24. It occurred to me one day last week that we might consider the Declaration of Human Rights to be the global Golden Rule, and that, further, it is best implemented by the way we treat one another and the things we teach our children....
  25. Send your one wish from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ( to [email protected] ! We'll post it here for all to see!