Megan Perkins

Mr Branson

Mobile Business Video Directory. Local + Global + Maps. Top 50 GEW 2013. Showcasing talent, brands & businesses daily. #multichannel #YHWH #infoguru #ADS #1

Ghost Writer

วิพากษ์สังคม-การเมือง█แบบคนเดินตรอก█ ไม่ใช่ลูกหลานทาสในเรือนเบี้ย█ใฝ่หาสังคมเสรีประชาธิปไตย█เราคือประชาชน?! Gen-X :[

AحMED Mahجoub

Egyptian , Doctor, optimistic, hate injustice to anybody , hate intolerance to any thing ::::::::::::::

Levy Mkandawire



a journalism student, animal rights activist, environmentalist, humanitarian and human rights activist.....

Ashley Johnson

I am Ashley Johnson 30 year old male, basically I am from Chicago, IL USA. Spent several years in the business of High Risk Merchant Account in Chicago, IL USA. In 2009 I was merchandising robots in Suffolk, NY. Spent 2001-2008 importing xylophones in Fort Walton Beach, FL. Won several awards for researching bassoons in the government sector.

WACAP Network

The Official Twitter Account of the World Alliance of #Cities Against #Poverty (WACAP), @UNOSSC, @UNDP

Angel Guo

Carlos Alberto Cabrera Gonzalez

Mariana Grohowski

Asst. Prof of Humanities, MA Maritime Academy | Writing, reading, dog loving, feminist focused on U.S. military, inclusion, & accessibility.


Age Nigeria Foundation is a non-profit organization with the basic aim of raising resources for the aged and providing relief for them.

Nanou Fiankinana

travailler dans le developpement, motivée par la justice et la citoyenneté