Nigel J. Hetherington

Nigel is the Owner & Founder of Past Preservers, Founded in 2005, Past Preservers provides professional support to the heritage and media industries. Past Preservers was founded by archaeologist and media consultant Nigel Hetherington. By way of his many contacts in both the global academic field and in the media industry, Nigel serves as head of Past Preserver’s daily operations. Throughout his years immersed in the real and various challenges of graduate studies and professional field work in archaeology and site preservation, Nigel resolutely nurtured his design to facilitate and support the happy marriage of rigorous and scientific archaeology to innovative and (dare we say) entertaining film and media projects. Nigel is a graduate of the Institute of Archaeology, University of College of London and is the co-author with Dr. Kent Weeks of The Valley of the Kings Site Masterplan.


501 (c)3 non-profit committed to providing fully functional bio-tech prosthetic for those who cannot afford it

Charisse L'Pree, PhD

Assistant Professor at S.I. Newhouse School of Communications at Syracuse University. The Media Made Me Crazy. RTs = OMG.

Sec. Equidad Género

Espacio para la opinión de las #MujeresSinMiedo que no callamos frente a la violencia, los derechos y la participación plena de las mujeres en la sociedad.

Ali Alimadadi

payal singh


World Farmers Organisation

The World Farmers’ Organisation brings together producer organisations and agricultural cooperatives around the world, advocating for farmers worldwide.

David O'Connor

Dad, writer, recruitment expert, tech geek, idea generator and action taker


#DYNAMITEBLAST is on • Filming new movie #DYNAMITE will out on DECEMBER 25 2016 • Working on new music album #PURPLEFEVER


Founded in 1902, #PAHO is the world’s oldest international #publichealth agency. Specialized health agency of the Inter-American System/Regional Office of @WHO


#OPS fundada en 1902, agencia de #saludpública internacional más antigua del mundo. Organismo especializado en salud del Sist. Interamericano/Ofi. Regional #OMS

Andrew Skyberg


IOGT International

The premier global interlocutor for evidence-based policy measures and community-based interventions to prevent harm from alcohol and other drugs #LifeSetFree

Public health analyst and activist with focus on poverty, health and social inequalities amongst forced/economic migrants in developed nations.