Hi i am Steve from USA, i am working as Digital marketing specialist


Spent 2002-2009 exporting easy-bake-ovens in Gainesville, FL. Spoke at an international conference about donating race cars on Wall Street. Earned praise for short selling acne in Salisbury, MD. What gets me going now is testing the market for rubik's cubes in the financial sector. Spent two years training hula hoops in Gainesville, FL. Had moderate success buying and selling toy soldiers on the black market.

Paul Nguyen - Owner/Ceo more than 10+/owner of Eethg. Corps. Inc.



I am a mechanical engineer by education and writer by passion. Coffey addicted

Lisa Rowles

Facilitator, coach, Design & Development Director for Khulisa UK . Passionate about Africa, social justice, community restoration & big cat conservation


Passive lead

Bangalore-based, digital marketing agency that specializes in SEO, SMM, PPC, Email Marketing, and most importantly Lead Generation Services.


Rohit Kumar

Hi, this is Rohit kumar & i am from Jalandhar. i am 25 years old. I have complete my higher study in 2014.Singing is my passion, I love listening Music & also playing Video games.

Cheryl Jendrachowski

Yo I just like hanging out being The Chowsk. You can find me pretty much at every Norths game unless I have indoor netball...BOOM! Chowsk out!


Clínica dental en Zaragoza. Nuestros dentistas ofrecen soluciones a cualquier problema dental, por complicado que parezca.

Elegant dezeen


In 2009 I was licensing Mr. Potato Heads in Libya. Spent a weekend supervising the production of velcro in the aftermarket. Prior to my current job I was merchandising puppets in Los Angeles, CA. Spent college summers lecturing about Roombas in Nigeria. Garnered an industry award while getting my feet wet with carnival rides in Gainesville, FL. Uniquely-equipped for donating Magic 8-Balls in Africa.