Lead a team merchandising toy monkeys in Tampa, FL. Spent childhood working on cannibalism in Libya. Spent several months getting my feet wet with wooden horses for farmers. Had moderate success building rubik's cubes in the aftermarket. Gifted in short selling Roombas with no outside help. Spent 2002-2008 training puppets with no outside help.


helo, I am Marlene Hahn. I am from Florida, United State. I am working as a marketing associate in a reputed staffing association in Florida. We offer highly professional solutions to various other recruiting associations. I like to go out and try out different cuisines on weekends apart from long drives with my family.

Pritha Banerjee

An aspiring journalist, a student @ACJIndia and a blogger


Hi there my dear , welcome to my crazy mind. This is the place where I unleash most of my imagination. I try to be quite active, but I am failing because life keeps on getting in the way (I know, stupid life). Know that I also design gowns for the first gown.

Minah Ahn


I am Dazy Miller. I am from Cheyenne, United State. I am employed as a quality manager in a company that helps staffing professionals to keep a thorough tab on the recruiting industry. When I get free time, I love to spend it with my family and reading novels. I am keen to travel new places.

Alliance Limo

Hi, Here is Alliance Limo. I am working as a SEO Expert in alliancelimony company . We Provide luxury limousine for transportation at huge level in NYC


Helo, Barby Brown from this side. i am citizen of Bali, Indonesia.I am a great fan of yoga and never miss it in my day to day life. Two months back I planned on to visit the best health retreat in Bali. It was amazing where I got to learn a lot about yoga. I love to travel to international destinations with my family.

Stop #Allwhitepanel

Campaign 4 representation of people & countries in panels that concern them. Global support necessary & appreciated! #allwhitepanel #inclusion #allmalepanel


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KE we Wrocławiu

Przedstawicielstwo Regionalne Komisji Europejskiej w Polsce. Działamy w woj: dolnośląskim, lubuskim, opolskim, śląskim i zachodniopomorskim. RT ≠ stanowisko KE.

what with the provocative picture well it's basically aim on how many negative response I will be receiving base on the dp.

Paul Carney

Social Justice ◆ 3rd Sector ◆ Photography ◆ Digital Design ◆ Social Media ◆ #EFC ◆ Changing the world ◆ One cup of tea at a time ◆ My ltd popularity⋙lists (:)xP


Helo Friends, Myself Rosy Thumb. I am from Wyoming, United State.I have been working as an executive in a company catering digital magazines for various staffing and recruiting associations for the last number of years. We have helped various associations to help people providing with appropriate jobs.