1. Students began the day at rallies at their own campuses. Students at the University of King's College started off by their library before joining up with Dalhousie students at the Killam.
  2. Day of Action Feb. 4
  3. Anna Dubinski from the Canadian Federation of Students spoke to the crowd at Mount Saint Vincent University.
  4. Day of Action - Mount Saint Vincent University
  5. Students at NSCAD University got ready for the march in their own way.
  6. Day of Action - NSCAD students
  7. This was the scene at Victoria Park in Halifax after students marched from their campuses.
  8. Students literally took to the streets, travelling down Spring Garden Road from Victoria Park on their way to Province House.
  9. Student Day of Action 2015 Halifax
  10. Student Day of Action Halifax 2015
  11. They wrapped up their downtown rally at Province House. Here, Michaela Sam, King's Student Union president and Canadian Federation of Students - Nova Scotia chairperson, addresses the hundreds gathered.
  12. Day of Action - Michaela Sam
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