Twitter Q&A on financing for climate-friendly investment

On 12 April, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres and the World Economic Forum's Tom Kerr hosted a live Twitter chat to discuss the role of climate-friendly finance. Read the highlights here


  1. Kicking off the discussion, the Climate Group had a question about how to increase the amount of climate finance needed to curb greenhouse gas emissions 
  2. @ClimateGroup and @Aaron_Leopold wanted to know where the greatest business opportunities are for action on climate change
  3. There were then questions about placing a price on carbon and the need for a global climate agreement...
  4. Tom Kerr had a clear answer:
  5. The chat was not just about curbing greenhouse gases with the help of climate-friendly finance, but also about the need for finance for adaptation to the inevitable effects of climate change
  6. Tom Kerr had something to add from the private sector perspective,,,
  7. @Mattias_S cautioned against putting too much emphasis on private funding sources versus public finance
  8. Christiana agreed...and pointed to the need for the public and the private sector to work hand in hand
  9. Clearly, significant climate finance can be generated by putting a price on carbon. @MorganLaManna had a question about that 
  10. Given that the Kyoto Protocol's Clean Development has a proven track record as a significant vehicle to generate climate finance. @AliHendessi wanted to know about the CDM's future