Q & A Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate-Friendly Investment

With the deadline for applications for Momentum for Change: Financing for Climate-friendly Investment coming up fast, Christiana Figueres and Dominic Waughray of the World Economic Forum hosted a live Twitter chat to discuss the role of innovative finance in responding to climate change.

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  1. Christiana Figueres opened the chat and greeted co-host Dominic Waughray, senior director of the World Economic Forum's Environmental Initiatives.
  2. The discussion started out with the question of what is needed to ensure  transparency and coherence in the field of climate-friendly finance:
  3. Christiana Figueres pointed to the first Forum of the Standing Committee on Finance, which is taking place this week in Barcelona, Spain 
  4. @Mattias_S tweeted that innovative climate finance  should be linked to existing UNFCCC mechanisms in order to be most effective, and @dwaughray agreed

  5. A good question came from @rajmohancyp on what public-private partnerships can deliver in the field of climate-friendly finance
  6. Not surprisingly, the situation of the current state of the EU's carbon market, the biggest in the world, was addressed
  7. Another imortant issue was crowd sourcing to finance clean energy projects
  8. @davidrossati pointed to an existing example of crowd sourcing: