Q&A with Christiana Figueres on women and climate change

On 8 March, International Women's Day, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres hosted a Twitter chat to talk about how women can build momentum for stronger climate action. Here are the highlights

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  1. The chat began with a discussion about how specifically women are impacted by climate change and why they have a special role to play 
  2. Some chat participants asked about what women could do to bring about change. Christiana had a couple of suggestions:
  3. @Ulrike_LIFE commented that that whilst empowering women is important, so is gender-responsive climate policy. Christiana couldn't agree more
  4.  noted that if there would be more women in the UNFCCC negotiations, the world would perhaps achieve faster agreement. Christiana pointed out that the role of women is meanwhile formally anchored in the negotiations
  5. And then there was a question about action at the sub-national level
  6. Several participants drew attention to the gender-related initiatives they are involved in, and which deserve to be recognized
  7. Wrapping up the chat, Christiana beat the drum for the latest round of the UNFCCC secretariat's Momentum for Change Initiative, which specifically recognizes the role of gender