Q&A Momentum for Change - Urban Poor

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Christiana Figueres hosted a Twitter Q & A on 21 May on Momentum for Change: Urban Poor. Joined by Yunus Arikan of ICLEI, the chat focused on actions on the ground to improve urban communities as well as the linkage between urban poverty and climate change.

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  1. @ICLEI's Yunus Arikan (@Yunus_Bonn) kicked off the discussion with a first question relating to the crucial issue of ambition in fighting climate change - and what a lack of ambition means notably for the world's poor
  2. @EldisClimate commented that cities in developing countries are already highly vulnerable to climate change, not least due to the prevalence of slums
  3. @NannaZilliacus raised questions about including the poor in urban planning and decision-making processes, which were answered by both Christiana and Yunus 

  4. @WWF's @EHcitychallenge - an initiative which Christiana Figueres has supported - then illustrated some of the action it is taking to improve the lives of urban poor and fight climate change
  5. @ICLEI's Yunus Arkan pointed to several other valuable initiatives
  6. @ICLEIAfrica commented that cooperation is key to success 
  7. Christiana expanded on this, stressing the importance of civil society working hand in hand with government at all levels
  8. @CarlKonigel highlighted another great example of what is possible to help poor people living in cities and fight climate change: the work of FAO's Programme for Urban and Peri-urban Horticulture
  9. @ineeshadvs tweeted that he felt his country, India, could benefit more from green growth in cities
  10. Christiana Figueres pointed towards the many initiatives in India to go green, both at national and state level, and cited a recent example in Tamil Nadu