Examples of growing climate action: Technology

This "good news barrel" features inspiring examples of technology for the period to 8 July 2013 to 27 May 2014. For new stories that show that action is happening to design and implement technology solutions to fight climate change, check out our Newsroom: <unfccc.int>


  1. (Posted 27 May) In Kenya, a company called M-Kopa Solar is offering a combination of solar technology and mobile micro-payments is to generate electricity paid for via mobile phones.
  2. (Posted 26 May) In Haiti, the International Rescue Group is outfitting a 97-foot ketch that used to be a charter vessel as a floating hospital.  Another vessel, the “Thunderbird 2,” is equipped with two 60-gallon-per-hour Village Marine Reverse Osmosis watermakers that run on solar energy from an onboard 2kW PV system, including solar charge controllers.
  3. (Posted 15 May) Two teams of scientists have independently developed a new recipe for building solar cells. The new approach will theoretically make the cells easier and cheaper to produce.
  4. (Posted 25 April) Africa's largest wind farm, at Tarfaya in southwestern Morocco, has started generating electricity and will be capable of meeting the electricity needs of several hundred thousand people, officials say.
  5. (Posted 24 April) The Oregon Institute of Technology cut the ribbon on its new $14.7 million geothermal plant. The new plant joins a 280-kilowatt geothermal plant that has been in operation since 2010. The U.S. Department of Energy contributed $4.5 million to the new plant, which is projected to save $400,000 in energy costs each year.
  6. (Posted 29 March) The Ethiopian government has launched an innovative Climate Center in Addis Ababa, the result of a joint collaboration between Ethiopia and the World Bank. According to a statement released at the launch, the center will ”support pioneering clean-technology enterprises” involved in tackling climate change. The center is also expected to equip people with skills and create employment.
  7. (Posted 26 February) Bhutan gives its clean energy future a big boost with the help of notable electric car makers. The government plans to transform Bhutan into a “hotspot for electric vehicles”, including cars, buses, trucks as well as research and development. bit.ly/1cONhY8
  8. (Posted 14 February) California: the world’s largest solar thermal plant has started operation in the Mojave Desert. Funded by the US Department of Energy with investments from the likes of NGR Solar and Google, the Ivanpah project is expected to generate enough power for more than 100,000 homes and avoid over 13 million tons of CO2 emissions, using hardly any water. bit.ly/1drIPzo
  9. (Posted 10 February) A new partnership between UNFCCC and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI) aims to showcase successful climate action and ICT solutions around the world. According to GeSI's recent report, "SMARTer 2020: the role of ICT in driving a sustainable future", ICT has the potential to drastically reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 16.5 per cent and saving nearly $2 trillion in energy and fuel costs bit.ly/1kvajrw
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  11. (Posted 6 February) In India, six state-owned companies are lined up to construct the world's largest solar plant in Rajasthan. The facility will span 77 square kilometres and cover an area larger than the size of Manhattan. The expected power generated could reduce India's carbon dioxide emissions by over four million tonnes per year. bit.ly/1gP0mF1
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  13. (Posted 14 January) Indigenous communities in Indonesia are using GPS technology to demarcate the boundaries of their ancestral lands and fight climate change. Explore how indigenous knowledge and modern technology are combined to make #REDD happen on the ground. bit.ly/1eMloyq
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  15. (Posted 8 January) The Hôpital Universitaire de Mirebalais in Haiti shines as the world's largest solar-powered hospital. Less than one year after its opening in March 2013, the rooftop solar array now provides more than 100% of the hospital's daily needs bit.ly/1bQo9eP
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  17. (Posted 19 December) Look back on an inspiring year of clean energy milestones: from salt batteries to floating wind turbines and crucial innovative finance bit.ly/1bet1Kv