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Examples of growing climate action: Adaptation

This "good news barrel" features inspiring examples of adaptation for the period to 16 July 2013 to 26 May 2014. For new stories that show that action is happening on the ground to adapt to the inevitable effects of climate change, check out our Newsroom: <>


  1. (Posted 26 May) In Fiji, where the survival of 676 communities is now precarious, the government is set to establish the region’s first national policy to address the challenges of internal migration as the last option in adaptation.
  2. (Posted 24 April) Cambodia's Ministry of Environment is designing projects that enhance the resilience of vulnerable communities against longer term climate change impacts while helping with immediate impacts of increasingly frequent extreme events.
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  4. (Posted 16 April) The United Nations International Fund for Agricultural Development (UNIFAD) will invest $50 million as part of its "Adaptation in the Mekong Delta" project to help Vietnamese rice farmers to cope with climate changes, which threaten to affect rice production in the Mekong River Delta
  5. (Posted 8 April) The Philippines’ city of Makati has become the country's first city to launch a comprehensive land use plan and zoning ordinance that mainstreams disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation! Makati is one of many cities now participating in the "Making Cities Resilient: 'My City is getting ready!'" campaign organized by the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR).

    See how the city of Makati did it:
    Learn about "Making Cities Resilient":
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  7. (Posted 4 April) In Honduras, the National Meteorological Network (la Red Meteorológica Nacional) has installed 46 weather stations as part of its effort to reduce vulnerability nationwide by gathering critical data needed to monitor and respond to weather variability. The new weather stations increase the ability of communities in Honduras to adapt and respond to climate change induced impacts. The project 'Addressing climate risk in water resources management in Honduras' (Enfrentando riesgos climáticos en recursos hídricos en Honduras) was financed by the Adaptation Fund.

    More about the project (in Spanish):
    Government of Honduras (in Spanish):
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  9. (Posted 20 March) Colombia is leading the way to the agriculture of the future and adapting to climate change impacts at the same time: Adaptation measures taken by local farmers include new crop varieties, models, site-specific management techniques, and low-carbon/low-water production systems. Engaging local farmers also ensures adaptation efforts are more likely to be successful. Read more about CIAT’s work in Colombia: Photo: Neil Palmer/CIAT (CC BY-SA) via Flickr
  10. (Posted 23 January) Adaptation using modern and Inca techniques is making a difference for llama farmers in Peru. For indigenous communities, climate change is a very real problem; it means less rain, more wind, increasingly large variations between the biting cold of the morning and the baking afternoon sun. Above all it has become completely unpredictable. Photo: Dan Chung/The Guardian
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  12. (Posted 8 January) Weaving a more climate resilient future in Colombia - with the help of researchers from Bioversity International and the Cgiar Research Program on Climate Change & Food Security, Colombian sisal growers identified local vulnerabilities to climate change impacts and barriers to the adoption of climate-smart agriculture, and are now making their living in a different way with great results:
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  14. (Posted 16 December) 33 cities in 20 countries around the word have been recognized by the Rockefller Foundation as particularly well adapted to climatate change
  15. (Posted 22 November) Turning disaster into opportunity: Adaptation action in The Netherlands in response to rising sea levels. This includes a storm surge barrier to protect the delta city, Rotterdam, subsidies for green roofs, floating homes and even floating cities.
  16. How Holland adapts to climate
  17. (Posted 23 October) In the Philippines, UN Champion for Disaster Risk Reduction and Climate Change Adaptation, Senator Loren Legarda has unveiled the National Resilience Award to inspire local leadership to build safer communities. Read more:
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  19. (Posted 16 October) The African Risk Capacity provides an innovative and unique financing model to protect vulnerable communities. The new, African-owned institution—the first of its kind on the continent and only the second in the world—aims to channel investment into adaptation activities to safeguard communities from drought and other climate change-induced impacts.
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  21. (Posted 8 October) The Yale Project on Climate Change Communication has shared this useful interactive map showing what municipalities across the US are doing to plan for climate change adaptation, and which ones have climate change adaptation plans in place or in progress.
    Photo: Center for Climate and Energy Solutions