Unveiling Digital Aid at the 2015 WGET in Dubai

The Working Group on Emergency Telecommunications (WGET) is an open forum where those involved in disaster response and telecommunications discuss recent experiences, consider new technologies and build partnerships that will ensure a better response in future crises. www.WGETforum.org


  1. Here are some highlights of the WGET 2015 as part of Humanitarian ICT Week
  2. One of this year's topic: providing telecommunications support to affected communities
  3. The Emergency Telecommunications Cluster (ETC) announces its new strategy for 2020
  4. Why is #commisaid so important?
  5. What role can Mobile Network Operators play?
  6. Experiences are shared by AsiaCell (Iraq), Roshan (Afghanistan), Smart (Philippines) & UNOCHA
  7. What challenges does data and technology present?