Welcome 2013

From move-in day and rendezblue through the first day of classes and weeks of welcome, UNC Asheville students come to campus ready for a college adventure.

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  1. Freshman Move In Day 2013
  2. Rockypalooza fills the campus Quad #uncavl #moveinday
  3. Friday morning started with move-in. UNC Asheville welcomed more than 600 freshman and their families - the largest freshman class in four years. Also joining UNC Asheville’s ranks are more than 400 new transfer students, the university’s highest total in recent history.
  4. "Before." (Unloaded, not unpacked) #uncavl #moveinday
  5. Students said hello to roommates and goodbye to their families as they settled into their residence halls on campus, with a break for lunch, of course! They found lots of help from faculty, staff and students eager to lend a hand to the newest Bulldogs.
  6. I would like to present the jury with concrete photo evidence, to all who make fun of how much I pack boys do are just as bad!! Also I would like to point out my role reversal part II, taking my bro @jkaloog22 and dad to the airport as I go to work. Times have changed. Anyways, life is but a journey brother take advantage of every second, minute, hour and day because it goes by so fast! Love you to the moon and back times 360. #collegebound #UNCA #studentathlete
  7. Headed back west for my senior year at UNC-Asheville. 2 semesters of the hardest work yet stand in the way of fulfilling my dream of becoming a meteorologist. Cheers to the final yet best year to come!
  8. Move in day at UNC-Asheville!!! Excited to meet our new residents.
  9. Friday afternoon activities included Convocation and Rockypalooza, with more events planned throughout the weekend. 
  10. The first signs of the new school year appeared several days before the new students.  
  11. New signs for a new school year! We're ready to