Earth Information Day - COP22

Linking Earth observation with the global response to climate change


  1. The Earth Information Day linked Earth observation with the global response to climate change. It provided an up-to-date picture on the implementation needs of the global climate observing system, the current state of the climate and an outlook on developments and opportunities to take the most effective climate action. The entry into force of the Paris Agreement means that government and non-government stakeholders more than ever require the best knowledge available in order to understand how their actions are influencing the state of the climate and sustainable development. Systematic observation is the cornerstone of this understanding.
  2. The event was split into three parts:
    Part I: Current Observations and Knowledge - Video (Webcast on demand)
    Part II: Developments and Opportunities - Video (webcast on demand)

    Part I and Part II both featured presentations and discussion followed by a poster session where delegates could interact with experts on a one–on–one basis. The posters will be on display for public viewing all week.

  3. Please see below the UNFCCC video highlights of day 2, including the Earth Information Day and interviews with Joanna Post, UNFCCC secretariat, David Carlson, World Climate Research Programme (WCRP), and Jacqueline Spence, Jamaica.
  4. Highlights of Day Two of COP22
  5. The Earth Information Day also featured prominently in the video summary by IISDR, featuring the Earth Information Day including interviews with Jean-Pascal van Ypserle, Université catholique de Louvain, Carolin Richter, Global Climate Observatory System (GCOS) and Werner Leo Kutsch, Integrated Carbon Observation System.
  6. ENV / UNFCCC COP 22 Daily Coverage for Tuesday, 8 November 2016 | Marrakesh, Morocco
  7. Another short impression of the day by the World Meteorological Organization and the Agnes Scott University.
  8. And a recap by Kushagra Dixit in the Business standard:

  9. Part II - Developments and Opportunities