Holiday Networking


  1. Many believe that the holiday season will not be productive for the job search, however, it may be just the right time to make connections.  If you are job searching, there will be less competition for the positions companies are looking to fill by the end of the year.  If you are trying to expand your network, holiday events present the perfect opportunity.
  2. Use office/department parties, alumni gatherings, family dinners, and events in your community to make connections with individuals in your field.  Opening questions as simple as "How did you get involved with the company?" and "What is it like to work in this office?" can be the start to a great conversation. 
  3. (If you are on Twitter follow Callista Gould for fantastic advice on networking and etiquette.) 
  4. Have a plan for where you want the interaction to go.  Are you searching for information about the career, the company, or a new position?  Also, be ready to answer the question "What do you do?"  Create 30 second and 15 second introductions that highlights your positive attributes and show what you bring to the connection.  Networking is an exchange and should not be seen as a direct route to a job.

  5. Don't despair if the conversation is too short or too long.  As long as you stay professional and engaged throughout the event, each interaction will be meaningful. Follow up with notes to those who you interacted with.  Perhaps you had planned to meet for lunch or send them an article.  Be sure to follow through on these items. Don't forget a thank you card to the host!

    Check out these links for more tips on navigating the holiday networking scene.
  6. We hope you enjoy your break from school and return in January feeling refreshed for the spring semester.

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