Young people inspire at the Festival of Young Preachers

On Thursday, June 6, an inspiring group of 18 young people took to the mic to preach the Gospel at the Indiana Conference of the United Methodist Church's Festival of Young Preachers in Indianapolis, Ind.


  1. The Festival of Young Preachers, a one-of-a-kind event designed by the Academy of Preachers (AoP), showcases and encourages young people who aspire to be preachers of the Gospel.

    According to the event's website: "The AoP’s mission is to identify these young people while cultivating within them the conviction that Gospel preaching is a vocation of great social and spiritual significance and is worthy of their very best.  A Festival of Young Preachers is not a competition. It is a celebration, an inspiration, an occasion of mutual edification and encouragement. Young preachers, ages 14-28, participate in these unique events all throughout the nation." 

  2. The United Methodist News Service was on hand to cover the event at the Convention Center in Indianapolis, Ind.
  3. Even before the event, young and old gathered outside and chatted about the importance of sharing the Word.
  4. It wasn't all serious. Snacks were shared, laughs were heard and friends, old and new, came together while waiting to be inspired.
  5. Wendy Holbrook from the Academy of Preachers welcomed the group and spoke briefly about the importance of supporting and encouraging young people who aspire to preach the Gospel and shared information about the national Festival of Young Preachers taking place in Indianapolis, Ind. for the first time this January.
  6. Travis Jeffords strummed up a tune and the crowd sang several uplifting songs together during a 15 minute worship.
  7. Those present (and following our live Tweets) were excited to hear the young preachers share the Word.
  8. Christine Bay from Morgantown UMC was introduced by her mentor, Jill Howard, and shared the Word relating to her question of choice: What is that in your Hand?

    In the program information, Christine says: "I preach to teach others their meaning of God's Word and to challenge them to take action on it."
  9. Brynen Chitwood, a student at Southwestern High School, was introduced by his mentor Vickie Perkins from Hanover UMC. He asked and answered: What does the Lord require of you?

    When asked why he preaches, Brynen answered: "I preach to spread God's glory and to ALWAYS worship Him to the fullest!