Reading Group 3: Geographies and Genealogies

On Wednesday, March 1, 2017, scholars and practitioners gathered to discuss the roots, tensions, divergences, and developments in black digital work.


  1. As the third reading group in the Spring 2017 Race, Space, and Place series, our conversation was informed by both assigned readings and lingering threads from previous discussions. The collective goal was to foster considerations of the origins of black digital work and to interrogate the frameworks, methods, and implications of scholarship and praxis.

  2. This conversation was enriched by the contributions of Dr. André Brock (@DocDre), who was joining us from the University of Michigan. Brock's seminal essay, "Critical technocultural discourse analysis," helped our participants begin to unpack the ethics, considerations, and implications of various methods in black digital work.

  3. Brock's insistence upon critically interrogating the move from epistemology to methodology solicited emphatic nods and murmurs from the rest of the participants. His call encouraged participants to reflect upon the ethical, conceptual, and disciplinary perspectives that they bring into their work.

  4. (Kevin Winstead's (@ProfWins) comment certainly garnered a strong response from the reading group's participants... but we had to put a pin in it for later!)