Incubator 2-A: Meaning and Mapping

On Monday, February 6, from 1:30-3:00pm, @UMD_MITH partnered with @UMD_AADHUM to offer its second Incubator of the Spring 2017 Race, Space, & Place series. The goal was to introduce practical components of map-making, while foregrounding human experience, representation, and power.

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  1. With thanks for campus support and continued engagement from our participants, we held the second incubator in our Spring 2017 series. For the "Meaning and Mapping" session, we wanted to give participants a chance to get some interactive practice with an online cartography platform.

  2. Throughout the incubator, participants were introduced to various examples of digital projects. These examples prompted productive discussions about how practical design and issues of meaning-making, representation, and power are integrally embedded in mapping.

  3. After introducing participants to a shared vocabulary, we were eager to give them a chance to begin exploring map-making for themselves. Having already registered with Carto, an online map-making platform, each participant also received a dataset and a set of step-by-step instructions.