Incubator 1-A: Surveying the Terrain

On Monday, February 6, from 1:30-3:00pm, @UMD_MITH partnered with @UMD_AADHUM to offer its first Incubator of the Spring 2017 Race, Space, & Place series. The goal was to probe the analytical, conceptual, and ethical considerations of envisioning African American experience through the digital.

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  1. As the room began to fill up, all attendees were invited to share their names and Twitter handles, so that they could claim their own comments and contributions. Online users were also invited to join in, via the #AADHum hashtag. The story captured here is one of many voices.

  2. As the conversation in the room began, we were excited to be joined remotely by scholars, practitioners, and interested followers!

  3. The incubator's attendees represented a wealth of interdisciplinary knowledge and experience across UMD's campus and the local community, all brought together by a shared interest in the digital, black studies, or both! We can only imagine the additional, invaluable insights of those who were following along remotely, via #AADHum.

  4. While many attendees are eager to jumpstart their own digital projects, others are engaging with digital work for the first time. Regardless of entry point, it's vital to consider how we both consume and produce digital research in critical ways.

  5. As the discussion began to build, many in the room sought to discuss the example specifically in terms of the intersections of black studies and digital humanities. Beyond serving as a model of digital research, the Slave Revolt project simultaneously invited critical interrogation of representations of black life and black history.