Digital Dark Age? What Digital Dark Age?

A Twitter campaign led by the Digital Preservation Coalition (DPC) in response to the comments of a Google vice president, Vint Cerf, that nobody is doing digital preservation. 23/February/2015 #nodigitaldarkage #dpc


  1. The BBC kicked it off in the UK with an interview with Mr Cerf, leading with the headline "Vint Cerf, internet pioneer, on his "digital Dark Age" warning" - 
  2. The Guardian then also waded in, reporting the nonsense as 'news' without checking that either Mr Ceff or the BBC had their facts right. 
  3. Clearly, the Google vice president wasn't able to use his own product, and neither were the 'journalists' who 'researched' the story. In response, DPC called on people engaged in digital preservation in the UK to tweet about what they were doing, showing their place of work and using the hashtag #nodigitaldarkage
  4. STOP PRESS!! - The campaign also inspired us to put out our first ever DART team podcast, recorded live at ULCC, with Ed Pinsent & Steph Taylor discussing the issues brought up by the original reporting and the fantastic projects and initiatives highlighted during the campaign on Twitter.
  5. Below is a snapshot of what happened next...