Meet the Lords episode two

Catch up with our graphic guides to the members, work and role of the House of Lords from Meet the Lords episode two.


  1. Immigration Bill: 'the Dubs amendment'

  2. Lord Dubs (Labour), a former child refugee from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia who came to the UK on the ‘Kindertransport’ in 1939, is shown introducing an amendment to the Immigration Bill. It required the government to relocate and support 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees to the UK.
  3. In February 2017, the Home Office announced that the resettlement programme for child refugees would end after 350 children had been admitted to the UK.
  4. The House of Lords: a second opinion

  5. The House of Lords is the second chamber of the UK Parliament. It is independent from and complements the work of the elected House of Commons – they share responsibility for making laws and checking government action.
  6. The Lords plays an essential role in improving bills (draft laws): highlighting potential problems and ensuring they will be workable laws. The Lords sometimes reaches different conclusions on bills, and agrees amendments asking the Commons and the government to ‘think again’.
  7. 'Ping pong'

  8. ‘Ping pong’ is an informal term for consideration of amendments, a stage of legislation in which the House of Lords and House of Commons consider changes to draft laws written by the other.
  9. A bill may go back and forth between each House until both Houses reach agreement on the exact wording of the bill – this is known as ‘ping pong’.